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                                                                        Facts about me:

1. My narcissism prevents me from not doing these when I am tagged
2. I should be studying for the NAtional Board Exam right now
3. I take the National Board Exam in nine days
4. I met my best friend :iconksterstone: in 5th grade when I moved here and she just sauntered up and was like 'Hey, do you like horses?' Fuck yeah I liked horses, what am I? Dead inside? (...even still I like horses)
5. For the longest time I got her name wrong because she was Kristen the Christian. I flipped it at least once a day for the first year. (Not on purpose, I wouldn't know I was doing it until her or someone else pointed it out)
6. I got a Betta during finals week and named him Balthazar and if it wasn't for him I'd probably have cried every single day (including now because THE BOARDS ARE COMING UP). I also fret over him everyday and annoy the shit out of my fish-rearing buddies with questions.
7. I finally watched Revolutionary Girl Utena. That shit is legit, man.
8. I need to finish my stories but I am an A CLASS SLACKER
9. I'm very superficial and choose my animals based either on looks or the amount of attention they give me upon meeting them. (Balthy looked like the rest but because he kept coming to the front of his bowl to see me I fell HARD)
10. I am terrified of what's next now that I have graduated.

Questions by: :iconthegemsproduction: 

  • What kind of animal would you like to have the ability to shapeshift into at will? Ummm...a cat, probably. They are better runners and jumpers than dogs and they can get into more places ANNNND they have few natural enemies that would purposely seek them out where I live. 

  • Say meow as many time to another human and count how many meows you could say before they say a word/noise. I did that with my two year old niece once...she started joining in immediately and after about four minutes of it she stopped and said 'Aunt, you're not a cat!' 

  • How long have you been on dA? Well shit, fuck if I know. Since I was a teenage so probably ten years-ish? Oh, dA says it's been eight years, nine in a couple of months. I was fifteen, maaaaaan how time flies.

  • Favorite tv show? Hmmm probably Game of Thrones? I've only seen the first two seasons, thanks to school. 

  • Favorite youtuber? (if you don’t have one then celebrity?) Pewds or Tobuscus. Probably Pewds because I have seen more of his videos but I do really like Tobuscus...I don't really watch much of that stuff right now (go in and out of youtubers phases) so idk

  • Favorite number? 5

  • Can you type without looking at your keyboard? I've been doing that this whole time lol. I'm not gonna NOT watch TV, let's get real here

  • Ever written a fic? I've dabbled in fanficery here and there *has written almost 60 fanfics* Yep, just here and there. *needs to know when to stop*

  • If you could change the weather right now, what would it be like out? Big gusts of wind and horribly stormy. Loud thunder, bright lightening. Of course, I would prefer it if I were with :iconksterstone: for it but ohwell. Maybe I could make it so bad it lasts DAAYYYSSS

  • If you could hang out with ANY youtuber(s) for a day, who would they be? Well FUCK ME idk. Probably Tobuscus because my bro has the hots for him so it would make her happy if I brought her along.

  • Listening to: MY LIFE PASS ME BY
  • Reading: Oresama Teacher
  • Watching: Small Sacrifices
  • Playing: Gush over the fish and make the dog jealous
  • Eating: nothing because I just got done mowing and am too
  • Drinking: get up. For anything.


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King Midget
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United States
I'm obsessed with Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and anything that's funny and/or has a good plot

Current Residence: Narnia.
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much all of them
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: The style doesn't matter as long as it's good.
Favourite cartoon character: Ciel Phantomhive or Near
Personal Quote: "Son of a bitch!"

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