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November 12, 2011
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Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or Dirty Desire by Utada Hikaru

Dirty Desire

Chapter One: There's something growing inside me
Lovino has been bothered. Very, very bothered. Last week he met a strange guy who ran a café he likes for their amazing cappuccino's, his name was Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. Granted, he was annoying and way too friendly, but Lovino has never seen anyone so fucking hot. Unbelievably hot. He thinks about him day and night, especially night. Just thinking about him makes Lovino's face heat up. Among other things.

It's all just WRONG. Being so attracted to someone is horrible and a waste of time. And, at the moment, very unprofessional. Why unprofessional? Lovino is currently at work. He got a job last summer working for his stupid brother's bastard of a boyfriend who always smells like potatoes. The job isn't big, he's just a 'lackey' (he refuses to say secretary) for Ludwig's (potato bastard) older brother. At least right now he can rejoice in the fact he has a desk to hide the problem currently arising as images of all the possible things the sexy Spaniard could do to him, and vice versa, run through his head. All because he got some coffee in the fucking lounge.

Just when he thinks it can't get worse, his boss comes to his office. The obnoxious albino smirks at him with the cocky smirk Lovino has sadly gotten used to since working there.

"Wh-what do you want Gilbert?" Lovino asks annoyed and Gilbert shrugs.

"Oh, I just thought I should tell you…I'm having some friends for lunch. My office is too much of a mess right now, so we will be eating in here with you! Kesese!" Gilbert says and Lovino fumes.

"WHAT THE FUCK? WHO DOES THAT? YOU SUCK SO FUCKING HARD!" Lovino screams and Gilbert sits on the boy's desk.

"What I do with Matthew in the privacy of my own house is none of your business." The man says, watching in amusement at Lovino's horrified face.

"Y-YOU SHUT UP! STOP BEING A PERVERT!" Lovino hisses. Honestly, he's not angry at the thought of Gilbert defiling his best friend, he got over that a while ago. What's pissing him off is that now he can't stop thinking of Antonio's perfect mouth on his- "GOD DAMNIT! JUST GO OUT TO EAT WITH YOUR WEIRD FRIENDS!"

Gilbert snickers some more and gets up off the desk. "Nah, one of my friends wants to eat here. He works at a café, so he gets tired of the crowds and loud noises once in a while. Don't be so inconsiderate."

Lovino pales as soon as he hears the word 'café'. It couldn't possibly be Antonio. The Italian doesn't think he could take it if the man who has been preoccupying his thoughts for a week was suddenly in his office and eating right in front of him. "C-can't you eat at the cafeteria?" He asks in a last-ditch attempt to ensure his bosses annoying friends don't come to his room.

"Um…what did I just say? He doesn't want crowds and loud noises. Jeez, don't ignore me. How unawesome." Gilbert huffs and Lovino groans.

"Whatever…when are they coming?" Lovino asks before his phone ring, his brother on the other line telling him friends of Gilbert's were coming up. "WHA-? SO SOON? FELICIANO-!" He groans, his brother having hung up on him. "DAMNIT!" Lovino hisses, slamming the phone down on the hook.

"Oh my~! Mon ami, you must be calm~!" A French voice calls and Lovino feels chills run down his spine. Fucking Francis, the most perverted person on the planet. Lovino can't count the number of times he's been cornered by the bastard. If only he could be cornered like that by Antonio…

"Uwwwaaaahhhhhhh~! Is that you, Lovi~?" A Spanish man calls and Lovino's heart literally skips a beat. "So you DID stay!" Antonio exclaims before blushing. "I-I mean…not that I knew who you were by looking at the name on your credit card…or that you were going to be here…and I certainly didn't-!" Before he can dig a deeper whole for himself, Francis covers his mouth.

"Oh my~! You must stop yourself Antonio, even I am getting uncomfortable!" Francis coos and Lovino shifts in his seat awkwardly. God he wants to leave.

"W-would you just hurry and eat so I can get back to focusing on my work?" Lovino asks amused and Antonio smiles at him.

"Why don't you eat with us?"

"I'm right here. That's as close as I will get to Gilbert and his freaky friends."

Antonio frowns. "…I'm not freaky…don't lump me in with Francis." He says and Francis pouts.

"So cruel!"

Lovino blushes a little at the stare Antonio is giving him, making the Italian look down at his desk to avoid it. "I'm not eating with Francis and Gilbert." He says, hoping Antonio will get the hint and invite him out somewhere. Alone. Then he could meet with him...and maybe go to his house…and…

"Then eat with just me!" Antonio exclaims, pulling Lovino out of his thoughts.

"H-huh…?" He asks, trying to remain calm as he inwardly freaks.

"Yes! We can have dinner together! At my café when I close it down for the night!" The Spaniard offers and Lovino goes bright red. Alone in the café. All alone. Just him and Antonio and all of those surfaces to be bent over or laid on or sat on or…

"F-FINE! BUT IT BETTER BE GOOD!" Lovino yells before staring at the papers in front of him intently. "Now would you all just hurry and eat?"

Antonio smiles at him one last time before sitting with his friends and eating. Luckily for Romano they only have half an hour limit and when it's up they all leave, allowing him to sneak off to the bathroom and finally take care of his problem. Thank god he has a private bathroom.
That night:

Lovino arrives at the café and sees Antonio running around in his apron before turning and smiling.

"Lovi! Come in! And lock the door behind you!" The Spaniard coos and Lovino comes in, locking the door. "My food is delicious~! You'll love it!" He exclaims and Lovino blushes a little.

"Um…alright…but if it isn't, you'll pay!" Lovino says, trying to come off as his usual harsh self. Truth be told, though, he is far too nervous. He can't even come up with a good fucking threat!

Antonio smiles at him. "I would gladly pay for not satisfying you, Lovi!"

Lovino goes bright red, his blush reaching his ears. "WH-WH-WH-? Er-! I mean-! Where the hell did Lovi come from?"

"Well…" Antonio blushes a little. "You're special…so you deserve a special nickname…"

The Italian gulps nervously. "Y-you…think I'm special…?"

"Uhuh...o-oh! I have to go check on the food!" Antonio says quickly, running from the room, leaving Lovino to awkwardly stand there.

Lovino sighs to himself and sits down at one of the tables, wondering if this is a good idea. He's never had a one-night stand. Well, he's never had any kind of 'stand', which of course makes him even more nervous. Having his first time with a stranger, and one of Gilbert's friends nonetheless. Nothing good can come of that!

Soon Antonio comes into the room, beaming at him and Lovino's worries all fade, the thought of being with Antonio prevailing. "S-so…what did you make…?" Lovino asks and Antonio laughs a little.

"I'm glad you asked! I asked your little brother Feliciano what you liked, and he said pizza! So I made us homemade pizza! I think it'll taste good!" Antonio says proudly, placing the pizza in the middle of the table.

"…Pizza…? But that's not even on your menu…" Lovino mumbles and Antonio blushes, looking away awkwardly.

"I-I know…it doesn't take much to buy the stuff for pizza…you know." Antonio mumbles and shifts awkwardly in his seat.

The Italian looks at him confused. "Why…are you going out of your way? We just met for a brief moment a week ago. So why…all this trouble?" Lovino asks and Antonio looks at him.

"We met before a week ago. Well, I met you before a week ago. I've seen you at the parking lot of Gilbert's office when I'd go to pick him up and head to a bar, at the café every day, on the street, everywhere. It's been since this summer that I couldn't get you out of my head…last week I wanted to talk to you so badly…but I couldn't…telling you all of that would creep you out. I-it probably did just now, too…" Antonio answers, looking back down at the end.

Lovino looks at him surprised for a minute. All this week he has been thinking of sex while Antonio has been thinking of so much more. For a much longer time. Unsure of what to say, he simply reaches out and cuts a piece of pizza. Taking a bite he inwardly cringes. It isn't disgusting, but it definitely isn't good. He kind of expected that, though. This café doesn't have the equipment to make a really good homemade pizza. However, instead of yelling at Antonio like he normally would to someone who messed up his favorite food, he looks at him shyly and mumbles. "I-it…tastes good…"

Antonio's eyes widen and he grins. "Really? Gracias!" He exclaims before taking a piece himself and eating, cringing at the taste. "Th-this isn't good at all! Lovi! Why did you lie?"

Lovino blushes. "B-because I didn't want to hurt your stupid feelings, idiot!"

"R-really?" Antonio asks shocked and Lovino looks away shyly. "Lovi! You're so cute!" He coos, reaching out and taking the boy's hand. "Can I kiss you?"

Lovino blushes. "I-I...yeah…" He mumbles and Antonio smiles, getting up and walking over to Lovino's side of the table. They both stare at each other for a moment before Antonio finally leans down and kisses him on the cheek, receiving an annoyed look from Lovino.

"Fusososo~! Just kidding~!" Antonio coos, cupping Lovino's face before pressing their lips together. He smiles into the kiss when Lovino brings his hands up to wrap around his neck before licking the Italian's lips, soon invading his mouth.

Lovino shivers and pulls him closer, wanting more.
AN: I was commissioned on dA by the lovely fullmetalfan849 to write something for the song dirty desire. ...I'm sorry it probably doesn't go with the song much...lD (I love the song now though. So thanks for showing me it!) This was supposed to be a one shot...lD It's not gonna be. It will ONLY be at MOST three or four chapters!
Story for :iconfullmetalfan849:

If you don't like it, just tell me and I will re-write it!

I don't think this one need a mature content....there's only things lamely hinted at, not actually
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