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February 25, 2012
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His Favorite Customer

Chapter Eighteen: Meet the parents
Romano sits on Antonio's couch fidgeting nervously. In a few hours his boyfriend's parents will be coming, the parents who can't know that they are dating. The parents that all this time he has never seen or heard much of. It makes him wonder if he's stepping into family drama, not that he can say much considering the crap Antonio has had to go through with him recently.

"Lovi, you look terrified!" Antonio teases and Romano groans. "Ah…you are…well then…" He sits down next to Romano and places an arm around his shoulders. "It will be fine, Lovi. If you get uncomfortable you can pretend you have somewhere to go. Alright?"

"…I guess…" Romano mumbles, leaning against Antonio who kisses him on the forehead.

"They won't be here for long. I promise." He says and goes to kiss Romano before the door opens, making them both move away.

"Antonio! We're home!" An unfamiliar voice calls and they both look to see a woman with beautiful long brown hair tied up in a bun. "Hm? Who is this boy?" She asks and Antonio smiles.

"This is my friend Romano. I call him Lovi. He's over for dinner." Antonio says and his mother scowls.

"I see. Romano, huh? I'm Maria and this is my husband Ferdinand." Maria says and Ferdinand nods.

"I would say we have heard so much about you, but our son doesn't keep in contact much." Ferdinand mumbles and Antonio looks at him annoyed.

"I call you once a week, you are never there." Antonio says and Ferdinand huffs.

"Well perhaps if you were to realize that the time you call is inconvenient and called at different times we would answer."

"I do call at different times."

Romano watches and feels the tension in the room grow thicker with each passing second. Was this how Antonio felt when he had to deal with Romano's problems? Poor guy.

"Where is dinner?" Maria asks, breaking the silence.

"It's in the dining room, come with me." Antonio says, leading everyone to the table to sit down in front of a large spread of Spanish foods he and Romano worked on all day.

"Someone is over compensating. What did you do wrong to call for such a large spread?" Maria asks and Antonio sighs.

"Nothing, I just wanted to be welcoming, since it's been so long." Antonio answers and Maria rolls her eyes, sitting down.

"So it's over-achieving. I see." Maria says unamused, her little jab going ignored by everyone.

The rest of the dinner is uneventful, save for a few jabs here and there from Antonio's parents. Watching them it all makes sense to Romano how Antonio can deal with his own jabs so easily. It also makes him feel guilty about it. Perhaps he should be really nice to him for a while. Not forever, because that would be too difficult, but for a while. After the dinner Romano goes to leave, Antonio leading him out to his vespa and completely out of his parents eyesight.

"I'm so sorry about all that." Antonio apologizes and Romano looks at him confused.

"How on earth are you so happy all the time? I always assumed your parents must be super happy and smiley all the damn time…yet…that is obviously not the case. Where on earth is it from?" Romano asks and Antonio smiles.

"I have great friend in Gilbert and Francis. They have taught me to enjoy life, rather than suffer it. Luckily they taught me this at a young age, so I've been like this for quite a while! However, before that, I was a pretty bad kid." Antonio explains and Romano looks at him surprised.

"You were bad…? That would be interesting to see." He says and Antonio laughs a little.

"You won't though, I'm far too happy to ever be bad again, mi querido." Antonio reaches out and strokes Romano's cheek before quickly kissing him. "Now go on home."

"A-alright…good night." Romano mumbles embarrassed before he puts on his helmet and drives out.

Antonio watches him leave before going back in and seeing his parents staring at Nia. "Oh…right…"

"This is not your cat. Who is this?" Maria asks and Antonio sighs.

"It's a stray kitten I found a while back. Her and my cat get along amazingly so I kept her." He lies and Maria huffs.

"Don't become some cat person, son, no one likes that." She says and Antonio rolls his eyes.

"I like that."

"Don't contradict me. I'm your mother." Maria says firmly and Antonio keeps quiet.

"Now now, let us all just rejoice in the fact that Romano boy is gone." Ferdinand says and Antonio tenses up.

"Oh yes, right you are dear. Antonio, we don't want you spending time with him anymore." Maria says and Antonio glares.

"And why not?" He asks and Maria looks at him surprised.

"Do you not know? He is a Vargas! The son of that horrible woman who stole from her company and a philandering father! That is not a good family!" Maria points out and Antonio's hands begin to ball into fists.

"It isn't his fault they did those things! Besides, his father is a very nice person who is quite successful here! He owns a restaurant that I work at, and believe me when I say he gets GREAT business!" Antonio says and Ferdinand gasps.

"You work for him? Unacceptable! Such an unsavory family cannot be associated with ours! Besides, I do not like the way he looks at you." Ferdinand grumbles and Maria nods.

"That's right! Such a longing expression is unsettling on a man when looking upon another man! I will not allow you to be near a boy who wants to do such disgusting things with you!" Maria scoffs and Antonio snaps.

"Shut up! I love Romano! Love him! He isn't the one who came after me, it was the other way around! As soon as I met him I fell in love and now that he actually feels the same way you have NO idea how happy I am! That expression that disgusts you makes me overjoyed whenever I see it! He isn't perfect, of course, but who is? He makes me happy and makes me feel loved which is more than I can say about you two! In fact, if we are still together when we graduate from college I'm going to marry him! So don't you DARE talk about him negatively in front of me again!" Antonio yells, surprising Maria and Ferdinand.

"How dare you talk to us like that? And you are in love with a boy? That is unacceptable!" Maria yells back and Ferdinand nods.

"You stop talking to him immediately!"

"I would drop the two of you before I dropped him!" Antonio says bitterly and his parents look at each other for a moment before looking back at him.

"Then take your stuff and leave. This is our house. So with that in mind, make your choice; Romano or your home." Ferdinand says and Antonio picks up Nia before grabbing the cat carrier for her and Tiddlywinks.

"A real home wouldn't make me choose. Also, I have places to go. I have friends." Antonio explains as he heads upstairs and packs stuff before quickly returning. "I bought my own car, so I'm taking it and going to Francis's house, in case you want to apologize for being ignorant fools." He says before leaving the house and driving off.

Romano, on the other hand, is sitting at home with his brothers and dad watching some stupid movie the others picked out while he was gone. Not that it really matters, he can't focus on it anyways. All that he can think of is poor Antonio having to deal with such horrible parents. Granted, his mother is in jail and his father is a bit of a man whore, but they both love him and his brothers and never talked down to them. It really makes him appreciate them both a little more.

"Ah~! My little Romano is so docile tonight!" Romulus coos as Romano leans on him. "Was Antonio's family truly so horrible?" He asks and Romano nods.

"Yeah, they were messed up."

"That's a shame. He's such a good boy." His father says, patting him on the head. "He will make a great son in law."

Romano gasps and goes bright red. "Wh-wha -? Don't say such weird things! That would be, like, years from now! A-and I mean, it's not like-! Well, I mean-!"

Romulus watches amused as his son stutters in his flustered state and goes to tease him again before a knock comes to the door. "Hmm? You want to get that Romano or should I?" He asks and Romano groans. "I'll take that as a yes." Getting up he goes over to the door and sees Antonio. "Ah! Antonio what are you doing here? Aren't your parents here?"

"Um…they…they made me…choose between the house or Romano…so I'm homeless now." Antonio says, laughing nervously. "But it's alright! I'm going to Francis!"

Romulus stares at him in shock. "You're homeless just to be with Romano? That is so sweet~!" He coos, pulling Antonio into a tight hug. "Stay here with us! By all means!"

"N-no…I can't do that. Staying with Romano would be…um…" Antonio mumbles before Romulus laughs.

"I understand! It'll be too tempting! Well, I take it you want to see Romano?" Romulus asks and Antonio nods. "Alright, I'll go get him." He says before going back inside.

Antonio waits in silence, thankful he already dropped the cats off at Francis' place. While he waits and contemplates going in, the silence is suddenly cut off by a loud 'WHAT?' coming from the living room. Almost instantly after Romano is darting down the hallway and comes to a sliding stop at the door. "Hello Ro-!"

"What are you doing you fool? You got kicked out! Why would you do that?" Romano fumes and Antonio smiles at him.

"I had to choose. I chose you. And I don't regret it one bit." Antonio answers and Romano glares.

"Well you should! You-! You-!" He groans, knowing nothing he says can make Antonio regret it or think it over. "Fine…whatever. So you're living with Francis, huh?" Romano asks, closing the door and joining Antonio outside.

"That's right. I'll be staying with him until college. Then I was thinking I would get my own place…and a certain Italian boy would join me and split the rent?" Antonio says and Romano blushes.

"Well, it's my fault you're homeless…so I don't have much choice." Romano answers, smiling a little. "But…wouldn't it be best to wait until I graduate?" He asks and Antonio gasps.

"Oh god! You're right! So, if we are still together by then, we will move in together." Antonio says and Romano nods.

"Deal." He mumbles, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

"Oh, come on Lovi, I want a real kiss!" Antonio teases, bringing a hand to the back of his head and gently pressing their lips together before pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

"Oh my~! Such a bold act in my front yard~!" Romulus teases from the door, making them pull away.

"Wha_? Wha-? Wha-?" Romano stutters, standing there in shock.

"Well, I came to offer our little buddy a spot on the couch for movie night. Or would you two prefer to continue depriving the other of oxygen? Either is fine with me." Romulus teases and Antonio grins.

"I would love to join you guys!" He says, grabbing Romano's hand and heading in. Before going to the living room, Antonio turns to look at Romano and smiles. "I don't care what you think, Romano, I made the right choice."

Romano blushes and looks away embarrassed. "Y-yeah…but…it's still your parents…and you've only known me for a year…"

"Hmm…well, to be honest…even if it wasn't for you I probably would have left. They hate something that I am so vehemently, I couldn't live lying to them much longer." Antonio says, shrugging. "Oh well, it doesn't matter now~!" He leans over and kisses him again.
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