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March 10, 2012
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Disclaimer: I don't own hetalia

Nyo!Belgium: Adrian, Nyo!Ukraine: Viktor, Nyo!Russia: Sophia

How about a kiss?

Chapter One: The new visitor
Adrian is an eighteen year old college freshman. He loves it, of course, but the only real reason he is in it is to own the business he is currently working at. What business is that? A daycare called crescent meadows. Starting last year the original owner of it, a Chinese man named Yao, sold it to Adrian's older sister so he could return to China. Adrian's sister has no real interest in it, informing him she only bought it because she knew he wanted it and she decided she could hold on to it for a while for him.

His sister, Cecile, is actually quite awkward with kids which is why Adrian makes sure to take night classes so he can help her run the daycare during it's open hours. It has been going well so far, and he only needs two years to get the degree he needs for owning this place, so he's already almost finished anyways.

"Adrian! There's a giant coming!" A little girl says excitedly, pointing to the window. "Do you think it's from the beanstalk?"

Adrian looks outside curiously and sees a nervous looking man bringing a small girl toward the daycare. He's handsome, despite his awkward disposition, and Adrian can't help but stare with the little girl as they come up the walkway. When they get close to the door Adrian jumps up and runs to it, making the little girl giggle.

"Adrian is being silly!" She says and Adrian smiles at her quickly before opening the door and grinning at the man and girl.

"Hello!" He exclaims, surprising the man.

"O-oh! Hello there! Is the owner around?" The man asks and Adrian ushers them in.

"For all intents and purposes, I am the owner." Adrian says and the man smiles at him.

"Well then Mr. owner, I am Viktor and this is my niece Sophia." He says, pointing to the small girl with long blond hair and purple eyes.

"Ah! Nice to meet you Viktor, Sophia, you can both call me Adrian!" Adrian smiles at the two of them before pointing to the room down the hall full of children. "Would you like to go in there and play while we talk?" He offers and she smiles, going to the room. "Well, please follow me so you can answer some questions!"

Viktor looks at him nervously. "I-I don't know much about certain stuff pertaining to Sophia…"

Adrian shrugs. "It should be fine. Just come with me and answer what you can." He says, leading Viktor into an empty office and pointing to a seat for him to take. "Alright…how old is she?"

"Four, I believe…" Viktor says, pulling out a cluttered briefcase and looking through it for papers. "Sh-she's an only child, her baby sister was killed in the car crash her parents, my sister and her husband, died in…"

Adrian frowns and looks at the unorganized man sympathetically. "I'm so sorry, that must be hard…"

"Well, it's not the worst thing in the world…I have my younger brother there to help out! He's very organized, kind of anal actually, but he adores Sophia so it's all good." Viktor says before gasping. "Oh! You should probably know what he looks like in case he comes to get her at some point, huh?"

Adrian feels a bit of disappointment at the idea of not being able to see the strange man again. Especially if it will be replaced with some anal guy. "It won't always be you?" He asks and Viktor looks at him curiously for a minute before smiling.

"It probably will always be me, but if something comes up my brother will come." Viktor says and Adrian nods.

"I see…makes sense. So…is it just the three of you living together? No wives or girlfriends or any sort of significant other?" Adrian asks. It isn't on the list of necessary questions, but he gets the feeling Viktor isn't the type to question those sorts of things anyways so it will be fine.

"Oh no! It's just the three of us! My little brother has a boyfriend, but he doesn't live with us. I'm not dating though. With my brother around it's pretty difficult to ever bring someone home!" Viktor says, laughing a little. "He's quite the scary guy to strangers!"

The two of them continue talking, Adrian filling out the questions. When they finally finish Adrian looks at him shyly. "Um…I can handle a scary brother." He mumbles and Viktor looks at him curiously before smiling.

"That's great! So if he comes you will be alright!" Viktor says happily and Adrian sighs.

"Yeah…that's what I was getting at…" Adrian mumbles dejectedly, deciding that he will have to take a more obvious approach. "So are you by any chance new here?" He asks and Viktor smiles.

"Yes I am! Why?"

"Ah! Really? Great! I could show you around if you like!" Adrian says excitedly and Viktor's eyes light up.

"That would be great! I'm sure Sophia would enjoy it as well!" Viktor exclaims and Adrian sighs, lowering his head in defeat.

"Y-yeah…I know a lot of fun places for kids." He mumbles and Viktor takes his hands in excitement.

"Thank you so much! You're amazing!" Viktor says and Adrian blushes.

"A-ah…I'm not…really…"

"No! You are! You really, really are! So when are you free to do it? The weekend would be best, huh? Since all the playgrounds and whatnot are most busy then, Sophia will enjoy it!" Viktor exclaims and Adrian smiles.

"Saturday it is then!" Adrian says and Viktor agrees before leaving.

Later on that night, after his first class of the night Adrian meets up with Antonio, beaming. "Antonio! Antonio! Hey!" He calls excitedly and Antonio looks at him with a curious smile.

"Hey Adrian, you're lively tonight!" Antonio says and Adrian nods.

"That's because I met the man of my dreams~!" Adrian says, sighing happily.

"Whoa! No way! That's awesome! What's he like? Where'd you meet? Is he on campus? Oh! I want to meet him!" Antonio says excitedly, looking around.

"He…heh…he's not here…he's um…a bit older…he brought his niece to my daycare today." Adrian says and Antonio looks at him.

"How old is he?"

"Age is just a number!" Adrian says nervously and Antonio's eyes narrow.

"A number you are avoiding…" Antonio points out and Adrian sighs.

"F-fine…he's twenty-six…happy?" Adrian asks and Antonio's eyes widen.

"Twenty-six? You're only eighteen! He's a full adult where as you are still a teen! Don't be stupid!" Antonio exclaims, catching Adrian off guard.

"Antonio…I really like him…he doesn't know yet, but I do. He's so nice and gentle and awkward it's adorable!" Adrian says and Antonio looks at him annoyed.

"He's too old! I know when I'm twenty six, or any age after I graduate and become a doctor, I wouldn't want some little kid chasing after me!" Antonio says and Adrian rolls his eyes.

"You don't ever want anyone chasing after you; it always makes you feel guilty because you 'love everyone equally' or something stupid like that. I can't wait for when you are interested in a person." Adrian groans and Antonio shakes his head.

"It's not that, it's just…I really don't want you with some old man! Can't you choose someone younger? Francis, Gilbert, maybe Roderich or Vash?" Antonio offers and Adrian twitches.

"I'm not into perverts, or idiots, and I'm pretty sure Roderich and Vash are going out." Adrian answers and Antonio sighs.

"Still…some old man…it's just…" Antonio places a hand on Adrian's shoulder. "I worry about you, man."

"It will be fine!" Adrian smiles at him. "I'm going out with him on Saturday!"

Antonio looks at him surprised. "But…you said he didn't know…"

"W-well…it's sort of…me showing him around the town…"

"That would still count though."

"…With his niece…" Adrian mumbles.

"Oohhh…you poor guy." Antonio says sympathetically. "Well, at any rate…good luck with that."
A/N:ASDFGHJKL I'm not sure about this, but I love BelgiumxUkraine so much now! I HAD TO WRITE IT! And since I suck at yuri...I did the nyotalia version. sure how long this one will might just be a quick thing. It's a prequel to a Spamano I'm going to be writing now as well. I'm not sure if I'm writing Nyo!Bel and Nyo!Ukraine if anyone has any tell. lD
I. Love. These. Two.

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