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Chapter Four: An Actor's Home
Lovino continues to eat his meal with Antonio in the strange restaurant. It's true, no one has bothered them. In fact, he's pretty sure the windows on the outside are tinted so people can't see them. He should make sure Feliciano knows about this place.

"So, Lovi…are you…um…enjoying yourself?" Antonio asks and Lovino looks over at him and nods.

"If I wasn't, would I have stayed here for two hours with you?" Lovino mumbles and Antonio gasps.

"Wait! It's been two hours?"

"Yeah…why? Have somewhere you need to be?"

Antonio shakes his head, looking around nervously. "N-no…it's just…Francis' shift has ended…"

Lovino raises a brow. "He can just leave when customers are still here?"

Antonio sighs and nods. "I'm sure it will be fine though. This restaurant is really good about this stuff."

"Well…we should leave just in case, I guess." Lovino suggests and Antonio frowns.

"Yeah, I'll bring you home now." Antonio says, standing up and grabbing his stuff before laying down the money for the bill. "Come on."

"Hey wait, I was gonna chip in on the-!" Lovino gets cut off by a hand grabbing his wrist and leading him out of the room.

"I said I would buy, didn't I?" Antonio asks, grinning at Lovino. "I'm a man of my word."

Lovino huffs. "I said I could pay, you idiot! What kind of man does this make me?"

"An honorable one that I am superseding." The Spaniard teases.

"Antonio! Antonio who is that with you?" A voice yells, making Antonio and Lovino look over to see a flood of paparazzi near his car.

"Shit!" Antonio hisses, dragging Lovino into the car as people take pictures. "Damnit…they've found my spot…" He groans, looking out from the car as Lovino covers his face to block the flashes.

"Damnit, it's so bright…"

"It's Feliciano's big brother! The one from the kid show with Antonio!" One of them yells and Lovino twitches. Not only are they making the day suck, but they can't even remember the name of the person they are bugging.

"Damnit, Antonio, go!" Lovino hisses, moving the shift to drive. "Now before I hit the gas!"

Antonio looks at him surprised for a moment before nodding, driving them away. He goes through side roads, driving around in circles, and other elaborate moves until he arrives at a garage attached to a large apartment building. Once they get inside a large door closes, preventing anyone from finding them. After a few minutes of sitting in the now parked car, Antonio looks to Lovino apologetically.

"I'm so sorry, Lovi, I didn't think they would be there…" He mumbles and Lovino shrugs, getting out of the car.

"I'm brothers with Feliciano Vargas, I'm well aware of the horror that is the paparazzi." Lovino assures him as he looks around. "I take it we are at your apartment?"

Antonio sighs and gets out as well. "Yeah, this isn't exactly how I pictured bringing you here…but…follow me."

The two go inside and Lovino immediately lets out a noise of surprise. Not because the home is big and beautiful, which it is, but because it's so simply decorated. No statues, no big Victorian paintings of him and his family members, nothing fancy at all. Really, the more time he spends with Antonio the more respect he gains for him. Begrudgingly, of course.

"So…um…what do you think?" Antonio asks nervously and Lovino shrugs.

"It's really simple." Lovino answers, moving to the couch.

"…Oh…?" Antonio frowns, going to the couch as well.

"Yeah, but I really like it. It's comfortable. A lot more comfortable than my place." Lovino muses and Antonio lights up.

"You can come here whenever you want! Mi casa es su casa!"

"…Yeah…no. I'm not going to do that."

Antonio smirks. "Oh yes you will."

Lovino sighs. "I dropped out of the business to avoid paparazzi; apparently being around you ruins those plans. Why would I want to…?" He stops himself quickly, noticing a hurt look on Antonio's face. "Ah…sorry."

"No, I get it." Antonio sighs. "It's hard to get real friends in this job…especially ones that aren't also famous. That's one of the reasons you are so important to me…but of course if you don't want to…I get it."

Lovino looks at Antonio for a minute before sighing. "Alright, alright, I won't run off…or whatever. If they begin harassing me because of you, though, I'm out."

Antonio smiles. "I'll do my best to keep you safe from those things! I promise!"

"…Do you ever think it's not worth it?" Lovino asks, looking away. "I mean…you give up a lot for this job…I don't see why anyone would do it."

Antonio looks at him knowingly before placing a hand on his head and ruffling his hair. "Are you asking me because you worry about me…or Feliciano?"

Lovino looks up in defeat. "He's so young…and he's being dragged into such a dangerous lifestyle…and mom doesn't help him at all." His eyes glance over Antonio's warm home and he sighs. "I can tell your mom is really helpful…"

Antonio smiles. "Yeah, she really is." He notices the troubled look on Lovino's face. "But…you know…while Feliciano doesn't have a helpful mom…he has a pretty maternal brother."

Lovino twitches and hits his arm. "I'm not maternal you bastard."

Antonio laughs. "Right, right! But…you do look out for him. Well, you and that German guy he's dating!"

"…The more you try to help…the more I want to punch you in the face."

"Hey now, don't be like that." Antonio laughs nervously before the two of them sit in silence for a few minutes. "…So what do people normally do when they hang out?"

Lovino rolls his eyes. "Are you serious?"

"W-well…it's been a while…since I've just hung out with someone who isn't family…you know?"

"You're weird. Normal guys tend to play video games, watch movies, just…normal stuff."

Antonio thinks for a minute before looking to Lovino. "I have a Wii."

"That'll work."

For the next few hours Lovino and Antonio play various games on the Wii; sports, Pac Man, Mario variants, and others. Sadly for Lovino, Antonio continues winning. Sadly for Antonio, Lovino isn't a good sport.

"God damnit! You rigged your games!" Lovino huffs, making Antonio laugh.

"How can I rig every game we've played?"

"Y-you! You just-! Ugh! Let's do something else. I'm tired of your cheating ways!"

"Whatever you say, Lovi." The older man sets the Wii remotes on the console and turns it off. "So what should we do?"

Lovino shrugs. "I don't know, what movies do you have?"

"Well, I've got-!"

"AHHH!" Lovino screams, effectively cutting Antonio off. "You have a bear in your house!"

Antonio looks at him confused before laughing a little. "Ohh! No, that's my dog! IT's about time he comes out to investigate!" He explains, walking up to the leonberger and petting him.

"Y-you weren't kidding when you said your dog was huge…" Lovino stutters out, staring at the dog. "He's cute…"

"My cat is, too! She's probably sunbathing in the pet room." Antonio explains, getting up and taking Lovino's wrist. "I don't usually bring people to their room, but I'll make an exception with you."

Lovino rolls his eyes, waiting to see a room covered in cat litter and chewed up dog toys. A simple guy like Antonio no doubt goes simple with his pet room as well.

"Here it is!" Antonio exclaims and Lovino twitches. Inside the large, immaculate room, is a bunch of intact toys and a sort of ceiling play place where a beautiful Maine coon is sleeping. "What do you think?"

Lovino looks around the room and then looks out to the simplicity of the rest of the apartment. Letting out a defeated sigh, he places a hand on Antonio's shoulder. "I give up on trying to make sense of you."

Antonio grins, a feint pink across his cheeks. "That's probably for the best."
A/N:This seems like filler? Because it pretty much is. It's all I could come up with. I am so incredibly sorry for the delays. I've been trying to find a home after being informed that my mom is moving out with her bf soon. Then a bunch of other family drama came up, but it's not right to let these slip SO MUCH. ANYWAYS, the drama is abating and so I am going to try to focus on getting stuff done. Including respond to messages that I've let build up. lD
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