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February 26, 2012
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Love is an Art

Chapter Eleven: The Popescus
Demitri looks at Nikola excitedly as they board the plane. "This is gonna be great! Everyone will love you!"

"I highly doubt that…kidnapper." Nikola mumbles and Demitri laughs.

"You complain, but I didn't see you make a move to turn and head home." He teases and Nikola blushes.

"Th-that's because I would be wasting your money!" Nikola huffs, making Demitri grin and pat him on the head.

"You're so cute." He says, making Nikola look away as he sits down.

"Shut up."

"So! What will you be doing for the plane ride?" Demitri asks and Nikola shrugs, stretching out a little.

"Seems like as good a time as any for a nap." He answers, resting his head against the window.

"Nap sounds good!" Demitri says, resting his head on Nikola's shoulder.

"…What are you doing?" Nikola asks and Demitri yawns.

"You're all I can lean on, be nice."

"Ugh…even when we are in public you're all over me to sleep."

"That's right. I might just have to sleep with you at my house, too." Demitri teases and Nikola scoffs.

"Don't even think about it." Nikola groans, making Demitri laugh a little.

A few hours later they arrive in Romania, being awakened by the stewardess gently shaking Demitri's shoulder.

"It is time to wake up, sir." She says and Demitri looks over at her sleepily. "Please wake your boyfriend as well."

Demitri smiles at her. "Thank you, I will." He says before gently shaking Nikola, who isn't budging. "Nikola, wake up." Whispering into Nikola's ear, he decides to go for a more abrupt approach. Leaning in closer as the other passengers leave, Demitri brings his lips to Nikola's ear. "WAKE! UP!" He yells and Nikola's eyes shoot open before a fist crashes into Demitri's face.

"If you EVER wake me up like that again I will murder you. Not in a fake kind of threat way, but in a bloody kind of kill you way." Nikola hisses and Demitri laughs.

"Good to know! Come on, we're here!" Demitri says, taking Nikola's hand and dragging him off the plane. When they get out and make it into the lobby of the airport the boys are suddenly bombarded by a man, woman, and two children.

"Demitri! It's about time you got off the damn plane!" A tall, muscular man with the same color hair as Demitri says, patting him on the back. "What were you two doing? Making out or something?" He teases before laughing at the awkward air now surrounding the two. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"

"Oh my sweet baby!" A tall and slender woman with long light brown hair tied back in a simple pony tail says, moving everyone out of the way to check Demitri over. "You are eating healthy, right? No bruises anywhere? Right?" She asks before looking at him and hugging him close. "Oh my sweet baby! It's been so long!"

"I-I'm fine mom…Nikola has taken care of me! The reason we were the last off was because we were sleeping dad, we had to catch the plane pretty early!" Demitri says happily, an excited smile on his face as he hugs his mother back.

Nikola watches the doting parents with their son and smiles a little. You can tell they are a simple family, no extravagance anywhere to be seen in them, but it's nice. His mother's simple ponytail that is falling apart strangely suits her and adds to her beauty. The callouses he noticed on Demitri's father's hands and his outgoing yet abrasive personality are somehow charming on him. It's nothing that Nikola is used to, such doting and simple joys, but it's nice to see.

"So who are you?" The small boy with shaggy blonde hair asks and Nikola looks down at him.

"I'm your brother's roommate, I guess." Nikola answers and the boy looks at him confused.

"Why did my brother bring his roommate home?" He asks and Nikola sighs.

"Hell if I know."

"I see…well, I'm Andrei." Andrei says and points to his mom. "That is my mother Sabina, then of course is my dad Traian, and my little sister Luminita." He points to a small girl next to him, around two, with curly light brown hair framing her face.

"It's nice to meet you Andrei." Nikola says, shaking the small boy's hand before looking at Luminita awkwardly as she stares at him. "Um…hi Luminita…" He mumbles, not used to being anywhere near a child below ten.

Upon hearing her name, Luminita's stare intensifies before she lets go of Andrei's hand and clings to Nikola's pant leg. "Up! Up!" She says, smiling up at him now and Nikola looks at Andrei confused.

"She wants up." Andrei says, shrugging. "She doesn't usually ask strangers for that…but oh well. Pick the girl up."

Nikola nods and reaches down, picking Luminita up. "Hello Luminita, it's nice to meet you." He says, smiling at her, a smile she soon returns. "I'm your really big brother's roommate."

"Demitri!" She exclaims and Nikola nods.

"That's right, Demitri lives with me. I'm Nikola." Nikola adds and Luminita looks from him to Demitri.

"Demitri!" She says, pointing to him.

"That's right! It's me Luminita!" Demitri says, coming over to them with a grin on his face. "Just what are you doing with Nikola, hm? Taking him away from me not even ten minutes into us arriving?" He teases, tickling her a little and making her giggle.

"So are you going to introduce us formally to your 'roommate' or what?" Andrei asks and Demitri laughs a little, patting him on the head.

"Right, right. I planned on it, I just got bombarded by mom and dad. You should understand!" He says and Andrei sighs, nodding.

"Sadly I do…" He mumbles before suddenly being scooped up into Demitri's arms and into a tight hug. "Ah! Let go, idiot! I'm a big boy, big boys don't like hugs!" Andrei huffs, his complaints going ignored by his brother who continues to hug him a little longer before putting him back down.

"Well then, now that all of that is over…everyone, this is Nikola." Demitri says, placing a hand on Nikola's shoulder. "He's my roommate, caretaker, and best friend! I expect certain people…" He eyes Andrei. "To be nice."

Andrei huffs and rolls his eyes. "I'm always nice!"

"Ohhh this is so wonderful~!" Sabina exclaims, walking up to Nikola and pulling him into a surprise hug with Luminita still in his arms. "You are the great man who has been taking care of my baby! Anything you need, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask!"

Nikola stands there, allowing the woman to hug him tightly. He would be lying if he said he wasn't thankful he's holding Luminita right now. Being hugged is still strange to him and the only person who really does it is Demitri, who thankfully only does it on rare occasions and doesn't expect to be hugged back. In retrospect he should have expected this, Demitri had to get his touchiness from somewhere, but it's still strange. While his parents abhorred Demitri for no reason and are disgusted at the fact Nikola is sharing a place with him, Demitri's parents are overjoyed with the arrangement and are even thankful to Nikola for it.

"So! Anyways! I bet you boys are hungry!" Sabina says, letting go of Nikola. "My dear son gave me a list of your favorite foods and I made your favorite for dinner tonight!" She exclaim proudly as she takes a now restless Luminita and Nikola stares at her in shock.

"You…didn't have to do that." Nikola says awkwardly and Sabina gasps.

"My dear of course I didn't have to! Just like you didn't have to take care of my little boy! However, I wanted to! I want you to be as comfortable here as possible for your week! Especially since I know my son kidnapped you to bring you here!" Sabina explains, placing a hand on his shoulder and smiling at him. "Such a kind young man deserves the best treatment possible."

Nikola stares at her surprised, a small blush coming to his face. "I-I see…" He mumbles and Demitri laughs a little.

"Mom you'll have to excuse him, he's not really used to being praised by anyone but me, least of all by an adult." Demitri says and Nikola huffs.

"Ohh I see, how cute!" Sabina coos before heading to the luggage. "Alright everyone, let's head out! Demitri, you and Andrei go grab the luggage! I have to change your sister." She orders and Demitri nods, taking Andrei to grab it all and leaving Nikola with Traian.

"So, you're twenty, right?" Traian asks and Nikola nods. "Why exactly did you take my son in?" He looks to Nikola curiously. "You allowed him to move in the day you met, why is that?"

Nikola looks at him surprised. "Demitri didn't tell you…?"

"He simply said he met a nice Bulgarian boy named Nikola who became his tutor and then invited him to live with him." Traian answers. "That seems awfully suspicious to me."

Nikola smiles nervously. "Heh...yeah…that would sound awfully suspicious…" He sighs and makes sure Demitri isn't around, since he apparently doesn't want his father to know. "As you know I started as his tutor. We went to my place because I had bribed him with a home cooked meal if he actually did his work…something I admittedly didn't expect him to take me up on. Anyways, he came over and suddenly is complaining about his roommate and asking me to let him stay. I wasn't going to, since he was a stranger, but then I couldn't just make him go back to such a negative environment that would make his grades suffer…so…yeah."

"…His roommate? What was wrong with his roommate?" Traian asks and Nikola's expression darkens.

"His roommate was a complete asshole, as soon as I met him I was one hundred percent sure having Demitri move in was a good idea." Nikola answers and Traian looks at him surprised.

"So you really are the nice person Demitri has said you are…and not even just to get laid."

Nikola blushes. "W-we don't have sex! We are simply roommates who share a bed and are close friends…why does everyone assume that leads to sex?" He asks a little annoyed and Traian laughs.

"Two young and good looking men living together, of course anyone would! Especially if one of those people is my overly affectionate son!" Traian points out and Nikola sighs.

"Ugh…that's a good point…" He says in defeat and Traian wraps an arm around his shoulders.

"You're damn right it is! So then, now that I know you aren't some pervert after my son, I will welcome you with open arms! Such a stand up man should be treated as such, like my lovely wife said! Not to mention Luminita likes you already, so you obviously can't be bad!" Traian jokes and Nikola smiles nervously.

"Heh…yeah…" He mumbles as he's lead out to their van. This is either going to be the longest week of his life, or the best.

"Oh! By the way, Nikola! Guess what~!" Demitri coos as they sit down in the back of the van.

"What?" Nikola asks unamused.

"We get to share a bed! It's my childhood bed, so it will be a bit snug, but it'll be so much fun!" Demitri exclaims and Nikola pales. He takes it back; this week is going to suck.
A/N: I'm sorry if the names seem off, I just looked through Romanian names online and chose what I thought would fit. I could be wrong though. The father's name, however, was given to me by the wonderful Codry! She told me it is the President's name in Romania, and dude it is such a COOL name! Damned other countries and their damned cool names...*cough* ANYWAYS...yeah. Such nice parents~
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